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Do we need Web 2.0 Design Models?

Filed under: BlogTracks — Administrator at 1:08 pm on Monday, May 22, 2006

If there is one thing we love as instructional designers, it would be models for developing instruction. I’m not often one to promote the need for another ID development model, but that is sort of what Brian Crosby of Learning is Messy calls for. In his post, he asks what we can do to promote effective learning using Web 2.0 tools:

“Do we continue to blog about it? Absolutely! The conversation is the point! What is missing are the models – the working, breathing, reproducible, intriguing models. We need ongoing models of all the power of what this looks like or we get nowhere.”

Brian calls for models of people using/teaching/learning with Web 2.0 tools, but I could see that if Web 2.0 is really that much different from Web 1.0, and even more from pre-Internet instruction, then perhaps we could also benefit from a Web 2.0 instructional design model. For example, perhaps a few elements of this model would be:

  • How do we conduct learner analysis on the web … on learners whom we can’t see or know?
  • How do we determine outcomes when much of Web 2.0 is learner-driven rather than instructor-driven?
  • How do we know if learning is occurring? How do we evaluate the success of Web 2.0 learning when we are not sure what learners have engaged with, and to what extent, the Web 2.0 tools/environments?

I’m sure there are many other questions and elements of Web 2.0 instructional design that I’m blanking on right now. Feel free to add them to the comments, and I’ll think about it more myself.


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